Stoke your inner fire. Connect unwaveringly with your truth. Open to the flow of life within you and you’ll create the life your soul craves.

You are exactly where you are meant to be in order to get where you’re going. Join a group or private breath journey today.

coming home to your roots...

You are fully grounded here and now. You return to your wild and free nature. You feel embodied in the present and trust your journey.  

You are not buried. You have been planted.

conscious connected breathwork.

How you breathe is a direct reflection of how you show up in life.

As you open to the flow of your breath, more energy, freedom and clarity in your body and your life follow. Working consciously with your breath is the most direct path to a nervous system reset. Unconscious patterns, blockages and barriers in your body and life are uncovered and integrated. Deep awareness and flow returns to areas that previously held dense, stuck energy, old stories, limiting beliefs, unsupportive patterns, tension and dis-ease. You drop into the truth and beauty of who you truly are.

Let’s chat about how this practice can support the road home to your heart.


breathwork sessions

Start where you’re at with your own unique breath pattern. Bring consciousness, clarity and sustainable shift into those areas of your body and life that are craving more fluidity and vitality.

Move beyond root stories, past experiences and limiting beliefs into more of what your heart really beats for. Think the potency of a year and a half of talk therapy and a full system reset in one session.


breathwork sessions

Deepen connection, communication, intimacy and healing within your relationship. Move beyond old stories or limitations of ego. Land with your purpose in partnership.

Bring consciousness, clarity and sustainable shift to yourself and your relationship. Think soul-level communication and heart-led connection.

body, mind & soul

private breathwork, yoga & bodywork sessions

Even more potency and depth. A mindful movement practice to open the body, a fully guided breathwork journey and gentle bodywork to support your integration.

Bring deeper consciousness, clarity and sustainable shift into areas craving to be seen, felt, experienced and released as you embody your new way of being. Think a full-system refresh while creating space for magic.


breathwork journeys

An individual journey within a supported container of other men and women. The unique alchemy of each group sets the foundation for the experience. 

Bring consciousness, clarity and sustainable shift within yourself and how you relate to the world around you. Think collective-insight and age-old wisdom.


8-weeks of conscious breath

8 weeks. 8 breath journeys. How you breathe reflects how you live. Talk about a sustainable resolution this new year. This gift is for you.
As you explore the unconscious spaces within, you’ll emerge forever changed. Together with the beautiful Victoria Howson, this intimate series is all about knowing self. Think a deep dive journey into meeting the truth, depth and magnificence of who you’re here to be.



Foundations for a deep dive into your own personal clearing and knowledge of how the breath moves through you. Practitioner for exploring how to support as the breath moves through another.
Journey through the essentials to be able to safely hold space for a one-on-one breath session and walk the path to becoming a certified breath practitioner. Think a deep dive into your relationship with the breath and your journey to be of service to it.

mom & daughter

connect deeply. celebrate each other. be seen and heard while expanding your positive impact.



stoke your inner fire. connect unwaveringly with your truth.
open to the flow of life within you.



divine reflection. sacred partnership. conscious connection. grow and evolve together.​