mom & daughter

Connect deeply. Celebrate each other. Be seen and heard while expanding your positive impact. You are exactly what each other needs. 

Pave new paths and cultivate a fresh way forward within the most influential dynamic in your life. Join a retreat or private session today. 

like the wildflower...

You bloom in any environment, bringing colour and life to the world around you. Through your vulnerability, you are resilient and trust the wildness within. From you, your daughter learns this too. 

connection changes everything.

The mom and daughter relationship is where it all begins. 

From your connection grows confidence, trust and love. When you stand strong and love yourself for who you naturally are, you create the space for your daughter to bloom through positive decisions, strong boundaries and healthy choices. 

Let’s chat about the seeds you’re planting for your dream relationship.


mom & daughter sessions

Dive into the specifics of your own relationship and explore personalized tools and techniques to deepen your connection and strengthen open and meaningful communication. Be the one she turns to and come out with a deep understanding of each other, what you need and how to offer it in the most effective way.


mentorship for girls

Emotional expression, positive outlets, nervous system regulation as well as confidence, security in and connection to self. Essential topics for growing up a woman in our world while encouraging knowledge, information and skills to support her best self. 


for moms & daughters

Deepen your connection and maximize your positive impact through a delicious mix of everything to support both of you in knowing, feeling and believing you are enough. Strengthen positive outlet, healthy emotional expression and easeful communication. You’ll leave with a stronger bond and a renewed confidence and trust in yourself and each other.


soul-care retreats

The ultimate in soul-care. Together in collaboration with remarkable leaders and facilitators in women’s work, journey with breath, dance, fire, nourishing and delicious whole foods, nature, spa, deeply inspiring conversation, wisdom, teachings, artistic expression, laughter, music and space for magic. Infinite possibilities as you call in and open to receive all that’s here for you.


mom & daughter

connect deeply. celebrate each other. be seen and heard while expanding your positive impact.



stoke your inner fire. connect unwaveringly with your truth.
open to the flow of life within you.



divine reflection. sacred partnership. conscious connection. grow and evolve together.​