guiding you through

You’re here with a massive soul-assignment and you know the importance of doing your own work so you can show up as an embodied example for those that you lead.

This is your sacred place to land for soul-care and sisterhood.


Something’s calling from deep within you for an inspired evolution of your soul. A craving for the illumination of your spirit and the harnessing of your inner magic in fresh ways.

A place for you to be seen and witnessed fully sparking a restoration of reciprocity and sustainability as you fill your own soul.

Let it be easy as you say yes to your own soul-care.

YOU are needed here. And together, we rise.


1 day retreat

a private retreat for the nourishment of your soul &
illumination of your spirit.


12 week series

a group series for the cultivation of deep soul-care &
the beauty of sisterhood.


6 month mentorship

how you show up shapes you both.
celebrate & deepen your connection for a fresh way forward.


hands up

if you resonate with...

>>Being a space holder and feeling limited places where you can go to be met fully. You’re on the hunt for a place to be witnessed where you don’t end up holding too.

>>Craving a sacred place that has the DEPTH and CAPACITY to hold you in your own unwinding. You’re looking for a guide to witness you through new depths of clarity in your own soul’s (r)evolution.

>>Desiring the connection of sisterhood as you rise and fulfill your own mission as a changemaker in the world. You’re ready to join together in celebration because competition doesn’t interest you.

grateful you found me

Why you really landed here and feel the pull to work with me...

Because I, like you, have been on the hunt my whole life for those soft and sacred places to come undone and evolve deeper, where I can be met and held fully without having to hold too.

As a breathwork and human connection specialist, I bring over 15 years experience holding space for others to deeply transform and evolve. My background in social work and as a yoga teacher and advanced breathwork facilitator lays the foundation. Your inner wisdom and truth guides the way.

I trust, listen deeply and take bold action so that you can remember your way.

I bring soul wisdom as I lead global transformation through supporting revolutionaries like yourself. Learn more about me and my path here.

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