let's get to know each other

I’ve designed and created experiences to deepen and open you to the unlimited potential within yourself, your relationships and your life.

meet me!

I’m Carmen, a human connection specialist and international breathwork facilitator. 

My background in breathwork, yoga, and social work provides the space for your practice. Your inner wisdom and truth guides the way. 

I breathe life, passion and heart into all my offerings.


It’s been a colourful and humbling path to land here. As a young one, my hyper-sensitive and aware system meant I felt too deeply. Breath became my lifeline, with physical activity my stability. I come from strong prairie roots with a heart that beats for the rhythm and flow of the west coast. I found the connection I craved most deeply in the awe-inspiring nature surrounding us. 

I hold a degree in Social Work and am certified as both an Advanced International Breathwork Facilitator and Yoga Teacher. I have attended countless trainings, workshops and seminars on all things human. My own (r)evolution lands me deeper with each breath journey. I offer my deepest heart’s gratitude to all my teachers and guides along the way, in all the ways they have shown up. 

I honour your path as your own and am grateful to walk alongside you. Here’s to your journey.

how i work

My heart beats for empowered choice and profound self-responsibility. 

I offer a trauma-sensitive approach with a specialization in where science and spirit meet human – for you and your most important relationships. That means we start from where you are now and integrate transformations from an embodied and empowered place. You’ll be met with compassionate love and held fiercely accountable to yourself. 

My practice is reserved for those who are ready to make the choice to show up fully. I only work with you as fully as you are committed to showing up for yourself. Consistency is key and I’m here for you as you carve out the dedicated time for you and your relationships. As a catalyst for change, I’ll guide the journey to sustainable shifts within your system and through your patterns of relating to yourself and others. 

About Trauma-Sensitivity

The sacred space is always safe, supported and infused with love. It welcomes you as you arrive, working at your pace in collaboration with your permission. Honouring your choices and managing expectations so you feel safe to trust yourself and the process. We’ll explore the fascinating dimensions of being human, drawing on the wisdom and intelligence of your body and soul to fully empower you to create a new way forward. 




It’s about taking the work out of breath.

It’s exploring with the breath to spark change within the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual dimensions of a being. The term breathwork represents a spectrum. With simple deep breathing and awareness of the breath on one end and wildly transformative styles exploring non-ordinary states of consciousness and human potential on the other.

I offer trauma-sensitive conscious connected breathwork with a focus on cultivating sustainable shifts within your unique breath pattern to reflect deep transformation within your life.


conscious relationship.

It’s about evolution and growth, not the outcome.

Sacred partnership becomes one of the greatest avenues for both the evolution of the heart and the expansion of the soul. Making the choice to gather with you all you need and leave behind the rest offers you a fresh start. Life is meant to change you. You are meant to be moved by your experiences. Your partnership has its own purpose and its own needs. It reflects the unique soul contract you’re here to fulfill.


the mom & daughter connection.

It’s the most influential dynamic of the feminine.

The mom & daughter relationship is the most impactful connection in a woman’s life. It’s where you learn patterns of interaction and relating with yourself and the world. It’s also where new paths are paved and a fresh way forward is cultivated as old patterns are renegotiated. As creators and nurturers of life, mothers spark the greatest ripple for change in our world when they lead with compassion, unconditional love and a fierce gentleness.



how you breathe is how you live.
create sustainable shifts within your inner and outer world.



how you relate impacts how you grow.
discover the purpose of your partnership.


mom & daughter

how you show up shapes you both.
celebrate & deepen your connection for a fresh way forward.