embody your wild

Designed and created to deepen connection and open you to unlimited potential and possibility within yourself, your relationships and your life.

A delicious mix of everything to strengthen positive outlet, healthy emotional expression and easeful communication. Because you’re worth it.

the road i've walked

My name is Carmen and I breathe life into the embodied wild.

It’s been a colourful road to land here. I tend towards the scenic route. Turns out I’ve become an expert in finding the beauty in the mess. My own (r)evolution lands me deeper all the time.

I come with strong prairie roots and a heart that beats for the rhythm and flow of the west coast. As a young one, my hyper-sensitive and aware system meant I felt deeply. Too deeply I was told. Breath was my lifeline. And physical outlet my stability. I found the connection I craved most deeply in nature. 

I hold a degree in Social Work and am certified as both an Advanced Breathwork Facilitator and Yoga Teacher. I have attended countless trainings, workshops and seminars on all things human. I offer my deepest heart’s gratitude to all my teachers and guides along the way, in all the ways they have shown up.

I have worked with government and non-government, profit and not-for-profit. I have managed behind the scenes and represented the front-lines. For years I have taught, coached, supervised, facilitated and counselled. All of this has inspired and informed the creation of my deepest heart’s call through the embodied wild.

I honour your path as your own and am grateful to walk with you. Here’s to the journey.

how i work

My heart beats for empowered choice and radical self-responsibility.

My practice is reserved for those who make the choice to show up fully. I only work with you as you are willing to deeply commit to yourself. Consistency is key and I’m here for you as you are ready to carve out the dedicated time for you and your relationships. The sacred space held welcomes you as you are and is always safe, supported and infused with love.

Ready to embody your wild?


we walk.

Welcome to the age of embodiment.

Where thinking and talking about things ends and walking the path begins. Fully stepping into your truth. Finding your voice. Remembering your purpose and trusting in your body and your experience. Knowing your relationship with yourself ripples out into all other relationships in your life.



The message was clear.

The same limiting patterns and beliefs were everywhere. The pressures and expectations were wildly heavy. People wishing for more depth for themselves and their relationships. A disconnect between the life they were living and the one they were being called into. A desire burned deep inside me to support the development of a bridge between an old paradigm and a new way forward.



What began as mom & daughter experiences grew.

It evolved to include other fundamental primary relationships, like partner and other important dynamics. Always with an emphasis on the quality of relationship with self as the lifeline for all other connections. Wildflower was the first seed to bloom and laid the foundation for wildfire couples and wildroots breathwork too.


mom & daughter

connect deeply. celebrate each other. be seen and heard while expanding your positive impact.



stoke your inner fire. connect unwaveringly with your truth.
open to the flow of life within you.



divine reflection. sacred partnership. conscious connection. grow and evolve together.​