the embodied wild

Welcome to the new home of Wildflower Retreats.

Your soul craves to be wild and you hold all the answers within. Come home to your roots through experiential retreats, workshops and private sessions that specialize in cultivating organic, connected human experiences that’ll ripple through every element of your life. 

Ride the wave of who you naturally are. Together we weave the magic.

**I’m here with you. Free online sessions available.**


You are the expert in your own life.
You hold the key to unlimited possibility.
It all begins with you.

Calling on your raw and unfiltered wisdom.
Your real and unapologetic nature.
Join the (r)evolution. Because together we rise.


mom & daughter

connect deeply. celebrate each other. be seen and heard while expanding your positive impact.



stoke your inner fire. connect unwaveringly with your truth.
open to the flow of life within you.



divine reflection. sacred partnership. conscious connection. grow and evolve together.​


your wild.

Welcome to the journey of the self, through the self, to the self.

Bringing it back to radical simplicity.
With authenticity and integrity.
Free from expectation.
Connecting deeply and showing up fully.

You’re here to walk the road embodied from your head to your heart.

You’re here to be you.

meet me!

My name is Carmen and I’m so grateful you’re here.

My background in Social Work, Breathwork and Yoga lays the foundation. Your inner wisdom and truth guides the way.

My own humbling path has led me here. As a natural born explorer with insatiable curiosity, my fire burns for the magic and beauty of the world and I'm wildly passionate about unlocking the potential and possibility within.

If what we share is sparked from what we crave most, it's no wonder I landed specializing in connection, emotional expression/integration and nervous system reset.

I specialize in group and private connection experiences and breathwork journeys designed to use the power of relationship to explore and connect to yourself, others and the world as a whole. I believe connection, as well as feeling and expressing fully, changes everything. What a gift to walk alongside you. Learn more about me and my path here.

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