- Carmen Ganne, Breathwork & Human Connection Specialist

For revolutionaries & changemakers

Welcome to Your Inner Revolution.

Breath mentorship and sacred soul-care for visionary leaders.

Join me for your personal transformative journey today. Together, we'll weave magic.

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Join Me for a Reclamation

this is your place & now is your time

That continuous calling from deep within you for an inspired evolution of your soul has led you here. Trust that.

Join me for a reclamation of the deepest parts of yourself and your soul’s work through a revolutionary relationship with the breath.

let's walk together

find your path

You’re in it for long-term sustainability and massive impact. You know your ripple ripples and it matters. You're tired of over-promised and under-delivered quick fixes, burn-out and overwhelm and you know leading by embodied example is key. As you show up for yourself you’ll meet any feelings of doubt, unworthiness or playing small with a deep inner knowing that the world needs you and it needs you now.

This sparks something in you because

  • You're craving a place with the authentic depth, capacity and discretion to hold you in your own soul-care. You know sustainability in fulfilling your soul's work comes from being fully met and celebrated in the radiance that you already are.
  • Your time and energy are precious and you’re discerning about where you invest your resources. Your soul recognizes this as a place to receive desired clarity, reflection and connection so you continue to walk your path in a sustainable way.
  • You’re already feeling the crew of powerful and inspiring leaders, like yourself, who ooze authenticity and heart. You know how important the alchemy of the group is and you're being called to be a part of it.

Next 12-Week Soul Illumination Group Journey Begins Apr 7, 2021.

Your 12 week revolution includes 12 fully guided breath and embodiment sessions with soul-attuned practices and custom integrative bonuses. Plus a personal illumination session and breath translation.

As a breathwork & human connection specialist

my depth and capacity to hold you comes from over 15 years holding space for others to deeply transform and evolve with a degree in social work and certification as an advanced breathwork facilitator and yoga teacher. As a conscious relationship expert, I work from a trauma-sensitive approach with a specialization in the science and spirit of connection, having studied everything from nervous system health and mystic traditions to inter-relational dynamics and systemic change.

Say YES to the reclamation of your vitality.

Say YES to profound connection within your relationships. 

Say YES to deep (r)evolution within yourself.

Are You Ready To Reclaim Your Vitality & Live Sustainably?

let it be easy

say YES to your journey, your way. Soul-care & mentorship for the seasons of your life.

Choose what lights you up. Community. Personalized guidance. Deep immersion. Best part is, you can't get it wrong.


Next Journey Begins Apr 7, 2021 - Join Today!

Soul Illumination For Visionary Leaders

You know the magic and inspiration that comes from a community of epic leaders to journey alongside as you raise your vibration and harness your inner magic in fresh ways.

This journey is for you if you crave a sacred place for your own deeper work and evolution. Plus desire the richness of sisterhood.

Your 12 week revolution includes 12 fully guided breath and embodiment sessions with soul-attuned practices and custom integrative bonuses. Plus a personal illumination session and breath translation. Private journey available.

Because burn-out isn’t an option and the work you’re here to do is needed NOW. More details below.



Next Mentorship Opening Apr 1, 2021 - Join Today!

Breath Reclamation For Wellness Practitioners

You’re inspired by your experience with the breath and you want to share it with others. A revolutionary personal and professional relationship with the breath through the science and spirit of human relationships and connection.

This journey is for you if you desire to expand your knowledge and skills around translating the breath and facilitating depth in your growing practice. Plus seek guidance on business fundamentals and logistics to streamline and grow your practice with ease.

Your 12 week mentorship includes 6 breath and embodiment sessions and 6 intuitive and practical guidance sessions with profound techniques for your own revolution and professional applications to create sustainability and growth for your practice.

Because an empowered life experience is our birthright. And it begins with the breath. More details below.


Next Retreat Opening Apr 1, 2021 - Join Today!

Inner Revolution For Inspired Changemakers

Your soul is craving dedicated personalized care and guidance within the intimacy of a completely customized container. And you know you can only give from that which you have within you.

This journey is for you if you crave a deep-dive immersion for your soul and the illumination of your spirit within the magic and tranquility of nature.

Your private retreat includes unwinding and embodied movement with a breath and sound journey, soul-attuned integration, bodywork and whole foods nourishment along with an intuitive holistic guidance session. Couples or bring-a-friend retreat available.

Because when you love yourself up, the return on investment is infinite. More details below.


What's still holding you back?

  • Afraid it won't align? Like life, you'll get out what you put in. If your heart is in it, you'll surprise even yourself with the profoundness of your experience
  • What if it's one more thing that over-promises and under-delivers? I believe in under-promising and over-delivering so you receive even greater value and long-lasting change from your experience.
  • Worried about the caliber of women in the group? I prioritize the alchemy of the group and curate it with considerations for a match in vibrational frequency and soul-aligned values and vision.

Not totally sure what to expect? That's a good thing. The less expectations you have, the more you'll get out of your own way and allow what's really here for you to unfold.

Book a connection call below and let's see if it's a fit.

What you will gift yourself

Soul-care for vitality and sustainability. Potent tangible tools for profound transformation that can be customized for your unique life's journey.

The restoration of sacred reciprocity. You give enough and this is your space to RECEIVE in ways that will sustain and inspire you.

Expansive community and soul sisters for life. Reconciliation with the feminine and the bonds of sisterhood.

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Say YES to your Revolution

Let's Chat Your Best Way Forward.

The only pre-requisite for radical expansion and sustainable shift is landing in your YES. You'll be guided the rest of the way.

Book a free connection call below to ensure you land exactly where you're meant to and get more than you dreamed of from your experience.

Celebrate your YES. I’m celebrating you too.

from the community

see what others have to say

"Carmen has such a beautiful and calming presence and is able to translate and make sense of anything that comes up. She wholeheartedly shows up and this is so evident any time I am with her. Her knowledge and wisdom helps create the beautiful space she holds and every experience has its own unique gift to offer."
"I just loved her...it was a great balance of so much...I love the intuition and spirit and seen and unseen...she was just lovely!"

"Great energy and great answers to all the questions she got. I felt her from the heart."

"Loved her presence. So sincere. Seems to really take special care in the work she does & with her community."
"Carmen gave me what I needed at the exact moment and to the depth that I needed and was able to receive it. She offered deep reflection and a gateway to my inner knowledge and connection to spirit. I received deep insight into how my inner world is reflecting externally. She also guided me through physical and emotional release in a powerful way and supported a deeper connection with myself and those around me. Her authenticity and ability to hold me without judgement is such a blessing."

Giving back

For the next generation

A portion of the proceeds from your experience goes towards funding safe and sacred sisterhood circles for the next generation of changemakers to connect, share, create and inspire. Available circles range in ages from 9 - 14 years old. Get in touch to register the young revolutionary in your life.

The Luminary Collective
Mentorship Community

Want to get to know each other first?

Join my private mentorship community where you’ll experience the innate healing intelligence of your body and the wisdom of your soul. You’ll have exclusive access to conscious breath journeys, embodied movement sessions, interactive workshops, social gatherings, advanced registration and community bonuses.