guiding you through

Your connection to your deepest truth begins and ends with your breath.

You already have everything you need within you. Together, we’ll weave the magic.


It releases everything that isn’t yours, so you can show up fully for yourself first. To drop into your body and surrender to your inner truth, letting the changes ripple through all of your relationships. 

Through your breath, you will unleash the unlimited possibility that lives within you. To create a better sense of self, (re)discover your purpose, and move towards a happier, healthier future. Through your journey of your own (r)evolution and clarity, I will be by your side to support and encourage you. 

Because you already have the wisdom inside you. 

YOU are needed here. And together, we can all rise.



how you breathe is how you live.
create sustainable shifts within your inner & outer world.



how you relate impacts how you grow.
discover the purpose of your partnership.


mom & daughter

how you show up shapes you both.
celebrate & deepen your connection for a fresh way forward.


join me for a

curious exploration.

A journey of the self, through the self, to the self.

Like a homecoming. Connecting deeply to the authenticity of your being. Unwinding everything that isn’t you.

Let it be easy. You’re here to be you.

To walk the road fully embodied from your head to your heart.

meet me!

My name is Carmen and I’m an international breathwork facilitator and human connection specialist.

My background in social work, breathwork and yoga lays the foundation. Your inner wisdom and truth guides the way.

My own humbling path has led me here. As a natural born explorer with insatiable curiosity, my fire burns for the magic and beauty of the world and I'm wildly passionate about unlocking the potential and possibility within.

I offer a trauma-sensitive approach with a specialization in where science and spirit meet human, for you and your most important relationships. That means we start where you're at and spark sustainable shift from an embodied and empowered place. You'll be met with compassionate love and held fiercely accountable to yourself.

Together we'll explore the fascinating dimensions of being human and what it means to exist within our multi-layered relational world. As a catalyst for change, my private practice is rooted in embodiment, self-responsibility and empowered action. I'll guide the journey to sustainable shifts within your system and throughout your patterns of relating to yourself and others.

Join others to journey with me through breathwork, a relationship blueprint, a mom and daughter ritual building retreat or a date night for couples. Learn more about me and my path here.

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